Stair components will take a lot of abuse during the installation process so finishing the stair treads on site is normally ideal. Or use the same wood on the risers as on the treads. Laminate flooring is an affordable staircase flooring option if you want a wooden look. Press it in place for a few minutes to let the adhesive bond. Another design element to consider is whether you want the risers to match the stair treads — if you will have risers. Apply a bead of adhesive to the subfloor, not the nosing. It’s not as long-lasting as hardwood, but it’s less expensive, which means it’s easier to replace and still stick to a … We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you are looking to replace the carpet on your stairs with the look and feel of wood, laminate flooring can be an affordable option. Cut a plank to fit, cutting off the tongue in the process. Measuring the width correct, and also cutting the ends to follow the angle of the wall needs to be done so. If you are going to simplify the balusters, reinforce the construction and design with a modified hand-rail design or thicker custom treads that can provide an added touch of luxury and personalization. That way you’re making one cut per tread — not attempting to match up two separately cut plank pieces precisely. I also replaced the carpet in the living/dining room downstairs and the loft/bedroom (same floor company, different team of installers) but that was the easy part of the job. Another design element to consider is whether you want the risers to match the stair treads — if you will have risers. Depending on your comfort level with the safety of hand-scraped stair treads, competent stair manufacturers and installers can distress and embellish stair treads, newels and balusters so that the design is unified and flows between them. references How … When ordering stair treads, talk to your stair tread manufacturer about gluing the stair treads with pieces that are similar in width to the flooring. Instead of using fully carpeted stairs, consider using a runner in a … 7. You can see how, in these Birch hardwood stair treads, the direct of the boards run perpendicular to the flooring, but the stairs present an interesting geometric design that sets the stage for the transition. Once this is done, measure and cut out your pieces of laminate to make tread pieces, riser pieces and stair nosing. This helps you avoid any additional expenses for repair or replacement. You can see an example of this in the Quartersawn Prefinished Oak flooring below. But if this leads the eye into a space where the grain direction stops and runs perpendicular to the hardwood floor, it creates an abrupt barrier that disturb the overall flow and design of the space. Installing The Top NosingMeasure and cut the nosing to fit the space. If you want a seamless end result, choose the same species of lumber and use the same stain for the flooring and stair parts. Installing laminate flooring on stairs is definitely one time you won’t use do it as a floating-floor system, so don’t use underlayment.You will need to glue and screw (or nail) the laminate down to the stairs themselves. Risers. Tile? Angle the plank into place, fitting the cut side under the tread overhang of the step above. Apply adhesive to the back of the cut plank. Oh, and they’re easy to install, too! However, installing laminate flooring on your stairs is a completely different matter. Height Laminate Riser to be Used with Cap A Tread. How to Change Stairs From Carpet to Laminate. With perfect match laminate floor to ensure a consistent finish throughout your home. Enter your e-mail address to sign up for our Newsletter. I wanted to also let you know that your blog has been looking a little weird lately. There are lots of “how to” videos and articles on the web, but be careful. Gluing Tread Pieces TogetherMeasure the stair depth and subtract the nosing depth. The glue should be a Liquid Nails® or construction-type glue dispensed from a glue gun. Tricky things like Stair Noses & going under Door Jambs. Laminate Flooring for Stairs. And any ideas about what we should go for with the stair treads? The first stair tread should have a grain that runs parallel with the floor to give people an invitation to continue. Owner, StairSupplies Blog Post Contributed by: And, the great part is that you can install it yourself with the right tools of course and proper instruction. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a staircase done in laminate, but it really looks great. The flooring company ordered the materials I selected, including the reducers and stair nosing to match the plank. Use natural wood as a contrast to dark wood floor stair treads. The International Building Code specifies a maximum riser height of 7 inches, so a single laminate plank usually suffices, but you may prefer to use pine, poplar or some other stainable wood instead. Once your prefinished flooring arrives, your stair installer can provide a stain combination that will match! A scrap of plank makes a smooth mixing surface. Filling The Screw HolesPrepare the putty according to the manufacturer’s directions. Our eyes love to find the patterns and follow the soft flowing grain in a new prefinished hardwood floor. What is the best rated laminate stair treads product? Connect to StairSupplies on Facebook. No Nail Holes. You can read more details in our Privacy Policy. Once you know what type of wood you are going to use for your floors — oak hardwood flooring, pine or reclaimed wood floors, you can begin to select the color. Apply a bead of construction adhesive to the back of the piece, then press it into place and hold it for a few minutes to let it bond. The stairs are currently carpeted, but I really want to go with hardwood stair treads with white risers. We’ve watched many of them, and they might not be what we’d recommend for Swiss Krono laminate flooring. We also recommend a minimum thickness of 40 mm. Explore! Putty is usually impossible to remove once it’s dry, so work carefully and clean up right away. How much do laminate stair treads cost? Then go for the closely (but not perfect matched stair and floor colors. 810 Technology Drive Barnwell, SC 29812 USA. Featured Answer. You need to take care of the treads, risers and stair noses, which can get a bit complicated at times. 1. The glue will actually level-out that slight dip in the middle of the leading edge of the step for a more stable installation. What makes them so special? Matching hardwood flooring throughout your home, especially in hallways, living rooms, and staircases will create a cohesive and symbiotic flow throughout your home. Here are a few tips on how to install laminate floors om stairs: Drilling Pilot HolesPut a wide strip of clear plastic tape over the nosing. Try and match a laminate to the hardwood above? The stairway you choose needs to blend into the floor and be inviting as well. is the largest online provider of stair treads, stair risers, and stair parts. Wood grain direction is one of the strongest visual cues you have when laying out a floor into a stairway. Laminate flooring does not have to end, you can now follow onto your stairs, yes your stairs! How to remove old stair nose end caps installing laminate flooring on stairs how to remove laminate flooring bob vila install laminate flooring on stairs Completing The StairsCut a tread edge piece and fit it onto the exposed tread edge, as in Step 1. To make the process easier, we recommend gluing two planks together the night before (while engaging the locking system, of course), doing enough to cover all the treads of the staircase. Marking for Nosing ScrewsStarting from the edge of the nosing, measure and mark for one screw every 9 inches. Deep x 7-3/8 in. If you have hardwood floors on one level and carpet on another, one of the most common approaches is to carpet the stairs to match. Bowed and curved steps are a bit more grand and the convex shape tells the mind that the transition is soft and acceptable. Renovate your stairs in style enhance your existing staircase with a new trend in Laminate staircases! Go for a totally different colour laminate? Installing laminate flooring on stairs can be tedious and time consuming and is a lot different than installing laminate flooring on a floor. So we made sure and order white oak stair treads. If you are looking for wood flooring design ideas for your project, request a free copy of our. 5. Yes, some retailers may offer one-piece laminate stair-tread surfaces that combine the stair nose (or “bull nose,” the rounded, leading edge of the tread) with entire tread surface. Repeat Steps 1 to 9 until all the stairs are done. A well installed hand-scraped or distressed floor is one of the best ways to give a space depth and contour and further personalize the look of your new wood flooring. If you’re stuck on the idea of hardwood to match the aesthetics of your home, but want something a little easier to care for, the solution may be to install laminate on the stairs. Here are a few options: Use natural wood as a contrast to dark wood floor stair treads. We’re here to answer your questions about installing laminate flooring on stairs. As world market leader, we offer laminate floors in unique designs and with innovative technology. If we ever move to a house with stairs, I would definitely do it! Once your prefinished flooring arrives, your stair installer can provide a stain combination that will match! You would, in fact, be trying to apply a faux finish by applying a thin layer of oil based stain over the water based … Wooden treads matching wooden floor. To install laminate flooring on stairs, start by removing the overhang, or the underside of the stairs, with a jigsaw. PRO. If we would have ordered red oak treads, it … Privacy and Data Protection for California. This can lower the quality of the design and appearance. If the result is wider than a single plank, rip a second plank to make up the difference. Also, don’t attempt to install laminate flooring on stairs unless you’re at the upper end of the skill level or you’re a professional installer. 2 years ago. The depth of most stair treads (the part you actually put your foot on) is 11 inches. Save Materials & Band-aids. For example, in our new house, we are using Sea Smoke from ADM Flooring. Today we provide you with some useful information to consider as you plan your stair design. Glue the planks together tongue-to-groove. Most laminate stair … 4. Our budget doesn't allow for hardwood floors downstairs so we're trying to work out what we should do. Another item to consider if your stairway is at the front door think about what you want to see when you walk in. Properly. I'm at a loss! These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you and your preferences.
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