Hi Cheng, The only time you might have a problem with the planks not locking into place is if you’re working on an uneven surface. /* JagerfoodsLeader */ If you are putting a floating flooring in a kitchen, all you need to do is get some quarter round for around the cabinets to allow for expansion/contraction. We wanted to put under the new cabinets. Once I got the first three rows in, I stacked the rest of the planks on the first row to help keeps things from moving. Now Lowe’s has this Ultra Smartcore Vinyl flooring made in China. She goes approx once a day by that door. we’re getting ready to install this throughout the house. I agree it will move around or unlock during installation and I decided to modify my technique . Get ready to dive head first into the world of waterproof flooring. That too, has the same metal trim piece which is nailed into the floor. The floor was fine structurally but of course the linoleum had been glued and it would be a huge mess to try and get rid of it. COREtec flooring is 100% waterproof, kidproof, and petproof, making it the perfect flooring for any full home complete with furry friends. Name*: Email Address*: This area of the house gets a lot of foot traffic, with shoes on, and still looks great as well. Hi Karen, thank you for your comment, we’re happy you like your vinyl plank flooring. We were very disappointed when reading installation. You did a great job! A lot of customers were buying their own flooring at Walmart etc and it was junk. I don’t have any product, as of yet. Comparing it with Smartcore Ultra, it did great except with the dent test. USFloors brings luxury vinyl flooring to an entirely new level, with their COREtec Plus line. Continue working left to right. We did a whole basement with it and there was a lot of cuts and things like closets etc to go around. If you are taking a hose to it then your doing some serious off roading! Description - COREtec Plus XL planks are the ultimate flooring solution when it comes to commercial and residential environments. Wish I would have done more research. Can you use a steam mop for cleaning? My husband always leaves a puddle on the floor after taking his shower in the morning and we have no issues with moisture problems of any kind. Kitchen gutted, new cabinets to put in. All you needed to do was buy a flooring pull bar to get the end pieces in. The planks are very sturdy, inflexible and the tabs do not easily break off. There is a flooring installing kit that made the installing much easier. For a small DIY weekend project this fits the bill. Hi Sherry, we’re not professional flooring installers or carpenters. So, I’m back laying the remainder of that room to save from having to throw out the cut flooring. It’s possible to lock them together from either of the long sides of the planks, but one way is far easier. It’s been a few months now since we installed the first planks and we don’t have any scratches or marrs. We did address this in our article: “Our room wasn’t square. We didn’t have any of the issues and difficulties Sue was talking about in her comment. I was looking for Vinyl planks floor laying ideas. Probably a little late to help Grace with her problem, but thought my input may help others. Can you install under kitchen cabinets? Hi Sue, I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. Installation is a snap. Thank you for sharing that with us and our readers. We had professionals install our flooring and they said no underlayment because it has it’s own on each piece (ours look like tile) and it went together beautifully and is so quiet to walk on and warm in the winter….Love it! Daily or weekly vacuuming or dust mopping to remove dirt, grit, dust etc. Used to provide a flush finishing touch to the front stair edge while providing a safe and secure step DIY … Nick’s brother is a carpenter and he told us how to make sure the room is square. We had a similar situation when we did our living room back in South Carolina. Can I use Pinesol ? We love our floor. The Jager’s, a Husband & wife team, share your enthusiasm for a lifestyle filled with amazing food, travel and fun! You gave a lot of insightful information for anyone who is considering installing the flooring themselves. We ended up taking all the flooring up and putting it back down again in the opposite direction. Love my floors. It now has a metal (aluminum) trim piece nailed to the floor at the junction of the flooring and the threshold. If I started having problems locking the planks in place, I knew that I needed to realign the flooring against the starting wall. What flooring would you recommend? As a licensed builder I’ve put down a lot of laminate flooring with no issues or call backs. anyone have experience with a large dog?? Can you install under kitchen cabinets? All we used to cut the pieces was our miter saw and for the cuts around plumbing fixtures we simply scored the pieces with a utility knife. Food For Thought To Explore, Savor, Share! What is the name of this Smartcore color? and in addition My partner and i received a lot more suggestions relating to support. What a pain in the butt. Continue installing planks removing any gaps using a tapping block and a scrap of flooring to cover the tapping block. Indoor air quality is incredibly important inside businesses and for families, and you can rest assured that this product can be trusted for lower chemical emissions, providing sustainability, and an overall healthier choice. In fact, I have worked with cheap laminates years ago where the edges break off very easily. But not with this Ultra flooring. What kind of bath mat did you use outside the shower, and did you have to use a pad underneath it to keep it from sliding? The install technique is similar to wood laminate. Maybe a small area like a bath room but anything bigger and you’re gonna have trouble. But should I cancel order, if recommended not to be placed under cabinets. It is nicely accentuated by the new darker flooring. Hi Sue, Yes there are transition strips available at Lowe’s, you can ask someone that works there to help you. I would recommend a mild floor cleaner like Bona and a damp mop/rag for the best results. Hi Patti, I’m glad you’re enjoying your vinyl flooring. Required fields are marked *, Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts. The end joints simply overlap and are tapped into place with a Dead blow hammer. As the installer moved further from the starting wall, the degree of misalignment became more pronounced (remember he didn’t use spacers, so the floor was constantly shifting as he banged planks together with his metal hammer). Jeez, you’re getting a little personal Mr Heiss. C $79.91. Rather than ripping up the existing linoleum we could bury it… a fitting resting spot to it’s well lived life. This job is the only call back I’ve ever had on many many flooring jobs. Furthermore, Smartcore Ultra features a vast range of options to choose from, such as Canberra Acacia, Stillwater Oak, Rustic Hickory and others. Thankfully, I dealt with a wonderful lowe’s manager in Indiana who immediately refunded my money and went so far as to give me an in-store credit when he heard about my travel expense (I went to two different lowes to get the total of 58 boxes that I needed in the color we wanted.) The Coretec will interlock with one another. Not much just two cabinets with granite countertops ..one is 15x 30. The key to making the installation easy is getting the first few rows STRAIGHT! But I want a continuous look. We've had Montrose planks for half a year now and a 140lb 2yr old St Bernard playing and skidding around on it - no scratches. Install the first plank in the second row by inserting the tongue into the groove of the plank in the first row. I consulted with a professional floor installer and he recommended securing the transition strip. You can find videos on youtube with tips on how to install the floor in your RV. Just wondering I can’t seem to find anything on the Internet what do you clean your floors with ? Easiest to install little or no subfloor prep no acclimation time and can be installed over any standard underlayment concrete old ceramic tile wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring. Allure Ultra's new DropLock 100 installation system allows for easy, no-glue installation, saving time, effort, and money. Please check with a professional installer, the guys/gals at your local lumber yard should be able to help. Saved by Elaine Rose. Hi! This flooring may be made out of vinyl, and is quite sturdy, but I really didn’t feel comfortable pounding on it with a conventional hammer. Thanks. I was considering Smartcore, but this is making me reconsider. Since they do not expand contact? Ft., we only needed 1 1/2 boxes for our small 6′ bathroom… there are 12 – 5″ x 48″ planks in a box. Sheridan Oak Sample $1.00 Buy Now! This will be the true test since it’s a very high traffic area. The look of real hardwood, ceramic and stone flooring in a durable, luxury vinyl material. I have always found that my measuring is always off. This limited warranty does not apply to USFloors moldings and trims. Here is their toll-free number as well: 1-800-445-6937, Good luck and let us know how it turned out. The core layer is 100% waterproof and high density, meaning that it can be installed anywhere! They had laid out a couple of pieces right in the isle and he was examining how they looked and pointed out that they easily snapped together. We had Prego for about 20 years which was a great floor. But, it’s a floating floor. Pros: Both WPC and SPC cores are available. My whole first floor 800sq ft. It’s beautif and installing was not as at all. Will it stay locked together with all the shifting and motion involved during the many travels we plan to take? SMARTCORE™ Comprehensive Warranty Program Page 3 of 3 Revised 11/28/17 4. Just asking and Thank you. I am looking at this product for my living room by the back door which gets a lot of traffic as I let the dog out to use the yard from there and I spend a lot of time in my back yard for the fun of it. My problem is I have a stair step going into the house and I am trying to figure out how to finish the step. The floor looks great and installation went well. There was another couple looking at flooring when we came across it. Let us know if that works. Thank you, Hi Danny, Yes, the vinyl planks would be a good choice for your lake home. Also has anyone put heated maps under the smartcore? I was wondering how your floor has been all this time? I just removed that debris and it fit perfect. I really appreciate the photos as well ! As for the rubber marks there are a couple things you can try. I'm doing a bit of a bathroom remodel and thought I'd give this floor a try. or is there a special brand you use ? Woohoo, that’s exactly what we were hoping for. We split the difference between the two sides and we were able to cover the difference with the 1/4 inch trim. We had the tile look in our kitchen/dining room….I was concerned about the seam/caulking look but we had it installed by people who do this work and it turned out great….looks like tile (traverteen) and made the rooms look so much bigger and light!….I guess we could have done it but we are in our 70’s and so decided to have it installed and one good thing about this product does not expand or contract like pergo wood look floor!!!! I wonder if I should put down a vapor barrier over the OSB boards in a bathroom as an extra moisture barrier? Has anyone been able to do long runs with success? The thing that really garnered my attention was that this type of floating flooring is 100% water proof. The only way to make a job like this easier is to hire someone else, Hi Aaron, Thank you so much for your great comment. Dimensionally stable vinyl tile has negligible expansion/contraction over a wider range of temperature than a house is likely to see. You are very welcome Robert! In some cases you really had to pond them together so they would click together and some of them would break off the tabs and you wouldn’t know it. Smartcore does not call for underlayment. – Silke. I’m glad you found this article helpful. Any help appreciated, hubbgy thinking PL400 glue but not 100% sure? Thank you for your comment! The floor shifts easily during installation, due to the nature of the installation process and people walking/crawling across it. Have fun on your travels. I have the Smart Core flooring throughout my home, we love it because we have pets inside. Brand New. Since we first installed the vinyl planks in our bathroom we have also used the same flooring in our front entrance hallway (about two months ago). Hi Vivianne, I have read an article about someone installing the vinyl plank flooring in an RV a few months ago. One thing I did notice is that when Silke applied pressure from the end of the row using a crowbar while I pounded on the seam on the other end, we could hear a definitive snap as the two pieces joined. These are some great trendy tips shared and I appreciate your advice to remember creative lighting techniques, fixtures, and dimmers to create a luxury and relaxing feeling when doing a bathroom renovation. We recommend trying to keep the dog's nails trimmed to help lessen the amount of scratches. The job did turn out very well, I really don’t think a pro could have installed the flooring any better. For cleaning larger areas, like our hallway or in your case the whole house, I would recommend a mild floor cleaner like Bona. I highly recommend this, and we had no issues with it coming up, locked together great-and looks great too.